We are proud to be the first ever group that have performed the world renown piece, IN C by Terry Riley with Tabla and Brass.

Enjoy the live recording and free download!


The live performance was done on the 15th June 2014 with Julie Maxwell’s band, The Magna Music Band along with Hari Trivedi and Prashant Jadav on the tabla.

One of the hardest pieces that we have ever played to so far. This is because there is no definite beat or rhythm. The only item that was in the piece that kept us in time was the Metronome. We decided that the tabla will do the job of the Metronome and the other instruments will follow us.

One tabla player holds the Kaherwa Theka (8 neat cycle) whilst the other improvises and vice versa. This worked an absolute treat and created a really punchy pice.

Live recording from last nights performance of Terry Riley’s In C with Magna Music Band, Prashant Jadav and myself. Listen back and download the performance for free and spread the vibes! Something totally different to what you’re used to!