The classes wouldn’t be possible without the support of our students. Please read what they have to say about the classes.

“The Saaz Tabla School in Leicester is unique in its approach to teaching the ancient musical art of Tabla. Having spent many years being taught by established Tabla maestros such as the Late Gurmit Singh Virdee, and currently being taught by Ustad Pritam Singh,  Hari Trivedi delivers his lessons in a manner that upholds traditional Tabla teachings but also adds an element of modern day musical flair.

Lessons are undertaken in a relaxed setting with the opportunity for students to ask questions at any point. Hari provides numerous examples of points of best practice and continually stresses the importance of flawless fundamentals such as timing, tone and posture.

It is a pleasure to learn from someone who I would describe as a credit to the art of Tabla.”

Prashant Jadav


“I think that Hari’s tabla lesson is the best because he teaches fluently and with confidence.
His teachings on tabla have gave me confidence, determination and for me not to be shy.
I have seen many people teach but Hari has gone to another level of teaching which has helped in more ways than one.

Keep up the good work Hari and thanks again.”

Dylan P


“I’ve been taking tabla classes from Hari for past two years now and I just cannot believe myself how well I can play tabla now. Hari has very depth understanding of tabla, this is the key of his teaching, where he will not just teach you how to play but he will make sure you understand the beat structure, the correct placement of fingers, reciting and memorizing beats. Anyone one out there want to learn tabla I would recommend hari.”

Jignesh Rana


“I think Hari is a great teacher, he has a lot of experience in the tabla discipline and manages to teach people really effectively whether they have no experience at all or a bit of previous experience.

He can start really basic and then push you to learn some complicated beats, something i didn’t think i could do in a short space of time! I learnt tabla growing up but its only now I’m learning the proper techniques and building that foundation.

Yep tabla class is the best part of my week and even now I’m looking forward to dropping some beats in the next lesson!”

Sukhjinder Singh


“I could write an essay on how I absolutely look forward to my ‘next Tabla lesson’ from Hari but, since I must keep it short…
Hari’s knowledge of Tabla shines through when he is teaching us a new lesson, he lets us individually prepare before he asks us commit to having a go and showing him.  His method of teaching is absolutely amazing and it really breaks down the barrier of having the confidence to ‘have a go’.
I must say, I have been learning for a year now and have had lessons and performed when I was younger but having Hari’s Tabla class brings it all back. He really helps in guiding us to playing much, much more complicated pieces without actually realising were doing it.   Weirdly it was only last week I said that I can see the fuller picture of what he taught at the beginning to how we are improvising now.
I can’t stress enough how the environment Hari’s has created is warm, friendly and nobody judges each other because we are all in the same boat, and the boats name is…’LEARNING SOMETHING NEW’!

Mandip Singh