Tabla Repairs, Tabla Purchasing

Buy new tabla, repair old ones, professional tabla skins

We have great connections with the best tabla makers and can also get hold of high quality 2nd hand tablas with new skins on.

Need a tabla repairing, re-skinning or stretching? No problem, those services are also available. I use the highest quality Banaras Skins. Every tabla that we sell or make is professional level. Please see my facebook page for more picture and videos. Being a tabla player here in Leicester, I understand what the needs are and what tonal quality is needed for the tabla. All tabla’s are re-skinned and balanced to produce the best sound.

Get in touch with any queries that you may have regarding purchasing or repairing tablas.

Our promise to you:

  • Delivered on time
  • 100% genuine professional quality tabla skins
  • Always happy to help
  • Not here to make money or rip you off!
  • I do it for the love of music and not money
  • Tabla skins and leather available in most sizes
  • Custom made tabla to order

Pro Kolkata / Calcutta Skins

When it comes to tonal quality and sound experience, these skins are amongst the highest grade and durability. There are myths about certain skins from Kolkata not lasting long but we don’t stock that quality and only offer the best items. 

Tabla Flight Cases Fibreglass 

Taking care of your tabla is a necessary for any tabla player! These tabla flight cases are the best quality and extremely light and tough. Made from fibreglass and perfect cushioning inside, these are ideal for tabla players on the move and performing regularly or anyone who actually wants  a  longer life for their tabla. 

Synthetic Tabla Straps 

I have come up with a great formula of making some amazing straps for your tabla which are saving animals from being slaughtered for making straps! These are a blend of some really tough poly fibres which are ideal to hold tension, not fray when using them and also dont slip on the base or tuning pegs.